Are you really fed up with being bombarded with advertisements when viewing your favorite movies or web series on Hulu? There’s nothing more annoying than an interruption when you’re watching a video. But one of the primary reasons YouTube includes a premium option that benefits users.

The Hulu application, though, is currently being heavily utilized and is one of the most prominent video-streaming services on the market. This application has a feature that allows its users to watch and stream videos. Therefore this is the obvious explanation. Even though the main idea for Hulu was to distribute new content rather than movies, which Hulu is now striving to feature in their library.

Although you don’t wholly comprehend everything, I think you get a basic notion of what we will discuss in this guide. Of course, you’re correct! The following guide contains information on the best ways to avoid or get out of Hulu commercials. Okay, without taking any more time, let’s begin.

How to Avoid/ Block Hulu Ads in 2021

You may avoid Hulu advertisements in a variety of ways. There are a few that are available without charge, but many have fees attached for getting rid of adverts. In this article, we’ll provide you with four ways that are beloved by everyone across the globe.

Fix 1: Go for Hulu Premium 

This is the most precise and straightforward method of getting rid of intrusive advertisements while watching your content. Yeah! In addition to what I’ve already stated, some of the techniques are entirely free, while others require payment.

As a result, the Hulu premium version will cost you $70.99 a month to subscribe to. Because this is such a large sum, we only recommend it if you are a frequent user.

Fix 2: Installing an Ad Blocker to Block Hulu Ads in 2021

Ad-blockers could be something you’re interested in. Only those who use Hulu in the browser can benefit from this strategy. In other words, search the Chrome Web Store for “ad-blocker.” A multitude of search results will come up. However, we advise you to use Adblock Plus. It will get rid of all the advertisements and trackers, allowing you to surf anonymously.

Fortunately, it is among the rare free ad-blockers that run on many browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, Yandex, and more. You may enroll in the premium version for more diverse features. However, if you are aware of another ad-blocker that provides you with more options, you should use it. Let us also know about your favorite ad blocker in our comment section.

Fix 3: Try Web Filtering to Block Hulu Ads in 2021

You’ve probably heard about web filtering. As we are aware, domains are responsible for the ads that appear on Hulu. Because of this, if you install a web filter, any domain it designates will immediately block all adverts. In other words, Hulu’s going to provide you with an ad-free atmosphere. Here are some steps to go through:

  • To start, make sure your PC is connected to a Wi-Fi network and then open your browser.
  • After this, you should begin with the search bar, input the default IP address for your router, and hit enter.
  • In order to set up the web filtering option, you need to navigate to it. It is possible that the name will change based on your router.
  • It should be blocked by adding to your firewall.
  • Finally, it would be best if you press the apply button, proceeding with a reboot.

Fix 4: Open Hulu on two Tabs in a Browser to Block Hulu Ads in 2021

Are you sure this strategy is still flourishing in 2021? The answer is, YES, this strategy has been proven to be effective by a large number of users. It would be a help to you if you gave it a go. The following are the procedures that must be followed:

  • First and foremost, turn on Hulu and begin watching a show.
  • Once you have done that, navigate to another tab and pick choose the same program to begin watching.
  • Then, in the second tab, mute and fast forward the content prior to the advertisement.
  • After that, navigate to the first tab and begin watching it.
  • Now, as your video approaches the first advertisement, move to the second tab and begin watching it from there.

Please keep in mind that the adverts are no longer visible because the ad has already been aired in the second tab. To get rid of those pesky advertisements, just follow this technique repeatedly. Furthermore, this strategy is excellent since it will always be effective, no matter what the circumstances are.

Wrap Up

This concludes our discussion of how to avoid or block Hulu ads. We hope this guide is useful for you. So, tell us which approach you enjoyed the best by leaving a comment in the box below. For more these kinds of stuff, visit TeckOctane.

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